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August 08 2013

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June 27 2013

June 19 2013

Mad Catz will be developing accessories



Along with its competitor Turtle Beach, gaming accessory company Mad Catz is one of the two manufacturers officially contracted with Microsoft to develop equipment for the Xbox One. Mad Catz is better known in some circles as Tritton. The official press release is rather tightfisted as far as details are concerned; presumably, they will produce Xbox One-specialized gaming headsets and connectors.

The Xbox One has updated its chat port to a new, proprietary design, eliminating backwards compatibility with old audio and mic accessories. Currently only Tritton and Turtle Beach are the only two manufacturers advertising Xbox One equipment, however, additional companies are expected to announce their Xbox One wares at the E3 Expo.

Dragon Age III coming to the Xbox One



Here comes another title with Roman numerals tacked on: the third installment of the Dragon Age franchise, arriving, most likely, on the Xbox One and multiple other platforms, later this year. Amazon Italy posted a product listing for Dragon Age III: Inquisition on Friday, a page that has since been removed. While the page was up, the game was classed as an Xbox One title, with no other platforms listed. An Electronic Arts representative was not immediately available to comment, presumably because they were too busy stealing teddy bears from orphans or being otherwise pointlessly evil. (I’m not the biggest fan of Electronic Arts, as you may gather.) Dragon Age III is built on the next-generation Frostbite 3 engine, which also powers the upcoming Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and the next Mass Effect sequel.

June 11 2013

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"When a woman is exhorted to be compliant, cooperative, and quiet, to not make upset or go against the old guard, she is pressed into living a most unnatural life- a life that is self-blinding... without innovation. The world-wide issue for women is that under such conditions they are not only silenced, they are put to sleep. Their concerns, their viewpoints, their own truths are vaporized."
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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